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Private Investigators employ skip tracing techniques to locate individuals who are intentionally hiding or have become suddenly difficult to find. Skip tracing is an investigative process that involves collecting and analyzes information to track down a person’s current whereabouts.

Here’s an overview of how Private Investigators use skip tracing as a valuable tool:
Information Gathering: The investigator begins by collecting as much information as possible about the person they are trying to locate. This may include basic details such as the person’s full name, date of birth, social insurance number, last known address, phone numbers, email addresses and any other relevant identifiers. 

Utilizing Comprehensive Database and Records Search in Skip Tracing

Private Investigators have access to various databases, public records and online resources that can provide information about an individual’s past and present locations. They utilize these resources to search for records such as property ownership, vehicle registrations, professional licenses, employment history, financial records and much more.

Tactical Networking

Investigators may reach out to friends, family members, colleagues or other individuals who have had recent contact with the person being located. They discreetly inquire about the individual’s current whereabouts without revealing the purpose of their investigation by way of various specialized pretexting techniques.

Combining Surveillance and Field Work for Effective Locating

If necessary, a Private Investigator may conduct surveillance or engage in fieldwork to locate the person. This can involve physically visiting locations in person that may be associated with the individual. They may also monitor social media accounts, check local public records and/or collaborating with other professionals to garner valuable information pertaining to the subject of our investigation.

Specialized Techniques

Private Investigators may employ specialized techniques to track down individuals. This could include analyzing utility or financial transactions where legally possible, conducting online searches, utilizing skip tracing software, employing professional networks or collaborating with law enforcement agencies when necessary.

Meticulous Verification and Confirmation

Once potential leads are identified, the investigator verifies the information to ensure accuracy. They cross-reference data from multiple sources and employ techniques like phone calls, interviews or discreet inquiries to confirm the subject’s current location. It’s important to note that skip tracing must be conducted within legal boundaries, respecting privacy laws and regulations. Private Investigators are skilled at combining their knowledge and experience when needing to access resources to locate individuals effectively.

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