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Lunar Investigations is a local home grown business originating out of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. We proudly serve the entire Province of Ontario and are pleased to offer our services from the Greater Toronto area through to Niagara Falls & more!

Our background includes studies in Advanced Security Management as well as Protection, Security and Investigations along with experience working in Emergency Operation Centre's (EOCs) with certifications related to Incident Management Systems and much more!

Our company was crafted with love of the Private Sector and providing businesses, corporations and the general public with the peace of mind of true and accurate information that brings you results.

We are always looking out for your best interest and give you our promise that you will always be steered in the right direction and always appreciated. 

Lunar Investigations have committed to upholding the highest of ethics, standards and professionalism in our industry.

Let us help get you the objective, independent and accurate information you need.

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Surveillance | High Resolution Video Documentation

Whether you need to confirm a suspicion or expose potentially exaggerated claims, you can trust our team to get the shot and not falter in even the toughest environments and situations. Surveillance can assist to protect you from fraudulent or deceitful behaviour by providing you with the truth.

Insurance Investigations / WSIB Claims

Sometimes, things aren't all they are cracked up to be.

Motor vehicle claims are often found to be exaggerated when it comes to injuries to affected parties. We can help in observing the facts by obtaining irrefutable evidence by way of High Definition video recording.

Child Custody Investigation / Divorce Matters

Whether you are afraid that your child's safety may be being put at risk by your partner / ex-partner or suspect that they may be vulnerable to being taken abroad by a family member.
Professional Private Investigators at Lunar Investigations can help aid your case in ultimately protecting your child and obtaining the necessary evidence you may need.

Trusted by our previous clients which consist of lawyers and families alike, let us help you secure your child's wellbeing. It is extremely difficult for the courts to identify whom may be at fault when it comes to putting a child at risk, our investigators can help you obtain the evidence you need in court in order to succeed.

Skip Tracing / Locates

We can help the general public locate individuals from long-lost, relatives, old friends to estranged adult children and much more.

For our professional clients, we can assist in locating debtors, non-paying tenants or any other reason you may have for locating someone i.e. to locate an address for legal service or to commence video surveillance on a person or business.

We offer flat rate services to our professional clients that are looking to simplify their lives and ultimately locate their subject and please their clients.

Secret Shopper / Counterfeit

We provide boots on the ground service that can assist in identifying whether or not a merchant or person is potentially selling your licensed goods where not permitted.

Our team is extremely effective at identifying counterfeit goods, we can help you get the evidence that you need in order to protect your business and your product from bad actors.

Unfaithful Spousal Situations

Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned and that includes relationships. Let us help you get to the bottom of your suspicions and help you identify the reality you're living in.
We can help get you clear answers and confirm or disprove the whereabouts of your spouse or family member.
Support for Families: Private Investigators understand the emotional toll that a missing persons case can have on families and loved ones. They are here to provide support, guidance and regular updates throughout your investigation, helping to alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty in a time of need.

Pay Per View (PPV) Monitoring

Protect your licensed content from piracy by effectively and easily utilizing our extensive video and photo documentation process to help build a case, and prove the illegal showings of your copyrighted content at events such as bars, clubs, festivals and any other venues.

Prevent your pay-per-view from being exhibited at or in a commercial establishment, such as a gym, sports bar, casino or restaurant without the proper commercial licensing permits.

Missing Persons Investigations

Support for Families: Private Investigators understand the emotional toll that a missing persons case can have on families and loved ones. They are here to provide support, guidance and regular updates throughout your investigation, helping to alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty in a time of need. Private Investigators can supplement law enforcement efforts by bringing additional expertise and resources to bear in locating missing individuals.

Why choose Lunar Investigations?

Quality Service

We provide our clients with the fastest turnaround times and get them the information they require.

Fully Licensed & Insured

You can rest easy knowing our Private Investigators are properly trained and hold the appropriate licences & insurances for the task at hand.
Protecting everyone involved.

Trained Investigators

Our Investigators have over 10 Years of experience in the field.

Additionally, we only hire Investigators that have achieved top in their College/University in courses related to the Advanced Security Management and Private Investigations sector.

24/7 Availability

At Lunar Investigations, we take your time seriously. That is why you are able to call us, leave us a voicemail or email anytime of the day and you can be sure to receive a timely response.

SMS/iMessage Enabled Communications

Don't you just hate when you are looking for a solution, so you contact a business only to be on hold or told you will be called back and the call never comes?

Lunar Investigations is pleased to converse with you over telephone, email & SMS/iMessage!
1 (877) 700-3341 - Call or Text Us Anytime!

Top Notch Product

We use only state of the art technology when conducting our investigations so you can be sure to never miss a crucial detail. 

4K Stabilized High Resolution cameras are used with our Surveillance Operations in concert with premium covert solutions.

Protection For All

We use quality understandable contracts with every investigation and client to ensure that both parties understand their protections throughout your business relationship with 

Lunar Investigations Inc.

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